Pietre d'Arredo

Pietre d’Arredo is a brand of Colmef Group, Italian excellence in the construction sector. A differentiated mass production that perfectly captures the multiplicity and uniqueness of natural formations. Identical to real stone, but developed in a laboratory by means of artisanal methods. We are the only Italian company to carefully follow each processing stage. Everything happens in the Gubbio manufacturing district: from the study to the cast, from mass production to the hand finishing of each element.

Forty years of research to apply artisanal care on the large scale.

Stone makers,
akin to nature.

We were born in the shadow of Gubbio’s palaces, the City of Stone in the green heart of Italy, Umbria, where stonecutter is still a trade and the Università dei Muratori undertakes to protect and pass on the ancient masonry.
Our roots lie in the science of building and our heritage is the craftsmanship handed down between generations. This is where we began and for 40 years we have been researching the most beautiful stones to reproduce them in every detail.

On the shoulders of giants:
the legacy of tradition.

The genius loci of Gubbio brightens our company’s vision, guides the work of researchers, brings the skilled hands of artisans to life and permeates our product with original beauty: the only naturally reconstructed stone, designed and entirely made in Italy.
We believe stone symbolises the bond between earth and man, the most authentic expression of living, the ancestral form of the dwelling that welcomes, protects, tells stories. This is the philosophy that shapes our cast stone and marks it with meanings that become visible and tangible on its surface.

From nature and back:
control of the supply chain.

Once we discover a particularly beautiful stone in nature, we take a few samples and bring them to our laboratories. Here, we carefully study the characteristics behind its appearance and texture, and create a cast to be able to reproduce each element using different natural materials.
Each stone thus reconstructed is then coloured via artisan techniques that bestow upon it unique features, just like in nature. Lastly, individual reconstructed stones are prepared and packed ready for installation, while the originals return to their place of origin to be returned to the land to which they belong.

Our commitment to a construction industry that respects the environment.

Our reconstructed stones provide a sustainable alternative to the exploitation of natural stone, we help preserve environmental resources and promote a more responsible way to inhabit this wonderfully diverse planet.
We have joined the Green Building Council Italy, part of the World GBC global network, which supports the development of a sustainable construction industry. Our stone has extremely low emission of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and its technical specifications comply with European standards.