Innovatives System

pietra comfort

High security system for the installation of reconstructed stone and brick facings on external thermal insulation of buildings.

1. Cementitious substrate
2. Insulating panel
3. Mineral smoothing adhesive for the smoothing of insulating panels, with interposed fibreglass reinforcement
4. Mineral smoothing adhesive for insulating panels-2nd layer
5. ARREDOCOLLA smoothing adhesive, with alkali-resistant interposed reinforcing mesh ARMOFLEX 330

6. Mechanical fixing with anchors ROCKET
7. ARREDOCOLLA smoothing adhesive-2nd layer
8. PIETRE D’ARREDO reconstructed stone facing, laid with ARREDOCOLLA
9. ARREDOSTUCCO + ARREDOLIGHT for the filling and the sealing of the joints between the coating elements

1. Cementitious substrate
2. Vento “L”
3. Air plast
4. Galvanized mesh
5. Anchor bolts

7. PIETRE D’ARREDO reconstructed stone facings
9. ARREDOSTUCCO for the filling and sealing of the joints between the coating elements.

air system

Innovative system for the installation of reconstructed stone and brick facings on surfaces subject to capillary moisture rising.

Guide to Installation

Avaible with



Marrone Chiaro




High performance professional smoothing adhesive composed of mineral binders, no vertical slip, for reconstructed stone and brick laying. Yield: 6-7 kg/m2 according to the kind of support.

Why Arredocolla?

Arredocolla consists of hydraulic binders, selected mineral fillers and special additives that improve workability and help reduce the formation of efflorescence on the surface of reconstructed stone tiles and bricks, unlike the adhesives commonly used in the building industry. It ensures perfect adhesion on all cement-based substrates normally used in the building industry and no vertical slip, even where laying large elements. Once hardened, it has outstanding mechanical properties, flexibility and excellent steam permeability: all these specifications make Arredocolla the only adhesive perfectly compatible with Pietre d’Arredo reconstructed stone and bricks, also enhancing their technical characteristics.

Avaible with





Grigio Scuro




Coloured natural mortar for high transpirability grouting of reconstructed stone and brick covering. Yield: 8-12 kg/m2 depending on the joints

Why Arredostucco?

Use Arredostucco to obtain grouting with excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and efflorescence formation, low water absorption and high breathability. The available different colours and finishing degrees as well as great processing versatility enhance the aesthetic appearance of the coating, having been precisely designed to highlight and perfectly integrate with the various models of Pietre d’Arredo reconstructed stone. The grouting of reconstructed stone covering is an integral key element to the final result of the work. The grout colour and the quantity in the joint as well as the different processing techniques will determine the uniqueness and credibility of the reconstructed stone wall.



High performance ready-to-use adhesive paste for wall coverings laying of reconstructed stones and bricks. To be used for the laying onto plasterboard walls. Yield: 3-4 kg/m2 according to the kind of support.

Avaible with



20kg / 8kg

*for COAT


0-3 mm / 3-6 mm

Lightweight aggregate to be mixed with ARREDOSTUCCO for grouting reconstructed stone coverings. It increases the yield, helps cleaning, improves breathability and reduces thermal bridges. To be used for the laying of thermal insulation systems. Mixing ratio: 1 bag of ARREDOSTUCCO (25 kg) + 1 bag of ARREDOLIGHT (7,5 L).


7,5 L (ca. 5kg)


Armoflex 330

Fibreglass technological mesh primed for high alkali resistance. Suitable to strengthen and reinforce insulation systems onto substrates with low mechanical resistance. High tensile strength and breaking load. Weight: 330 g/m2.




Water based colourless silicone solution for water repellent protective treatment of reconstructed stone and brick facings. Yield: 0,250 kg/m2.




Impregnating agent conferring wet effect and water-repellence to reconstructed stone and brick facings. Yield: 0,250 kg/m2.



Sacchetti triangolari

Disposable triangular polyethylene bags for grout injecting into stone and brick joints.

Sacchetti triangolari professionali

Professional triangular light polyurethane bag for grout injecting into stone and brick joints.